Papageien Gnadenhof is a parrot rescue center in Germany dedicated to care for seriously ill and mentally disturbed parrots. It is a public charity organization completely run by locally based volunteers and foster homes. Our team helps in the transition and rehabilitation processes of unwanted, neglected, and abused parrots into caring and compassionate adoptive homes. Some of the services we offer are indicated below.



The parrots that come into our care are surrendered for a number of reasons. Some originate from loving homes but the owners are no longer capable of providing the necessary level of care. Others have been abused, neglected or their owners are no longer interested in caring for them. Anyone who choose to transfer the care of their pet parrots to our organization are welcome to contact us. We are not here to pass judgment. Instead, we are here to make a positive difference by helping these animals the best of our ability.


Once a parrot has been surrender to our care, we carefully evaluate their condition. We also encourage them to eat a healthy pellet diet along with fresh fruit and vegetables. In some cases, parrots come in with medical problems which require need treatment. Our office has an avian veterinarian on standby to help out during these situations.


Once a parrot has been completely rehabilitated or treated, we put them up for adoption. We exhaustively assess screen potential adoptive homes. We require a detailed application, plus interviews and home visits before any bird is released into their care. We also conduct follow-ups to ensure that a parrot is adequately cared for.

Education Services:

One of our top priorities is to widen the level of public understanding and interest in the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of parrots. If anyone is interested in learning more about this species, our team is always available for on-site seminars and hold customized workshops conducted at our facility.


Our organization is committed to the rescue, foster and adopt of surrendered or found parrots that are seriously ill or mentally disturbed. Our mission is to care for all parrots that are surrendered to us. We also engage in finding potential adoptive homes and helping caregivers understand proper parrot care. Because all of the birds that we take in have experienced the loss of one or more homes, our organization believes that every adoptive or foster home should represent an ideal match and perfect opportunity for a good relationship.

Our organization originated from the neglect and lack of information regarding the proper process for rescuing and rehabilitating parrots in Germany. We are dedicated to the idea that living with a parrot entails a special commitment and that proper education is crucial in maintaining a successful relationship. Aside from identifying possible adoptive homes and educating caregivers in all aspects of correct parrot care, we also work with parrot owners who are experiencing difficulties in dealing with their own bird's behavioral problem and to help resolve those issues in the hope that surrender will not become necessary.

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