What Does a Pigeon Rescue Center Do and How Can You Help?


Have you ever walked along the streets near the Sagrada Familia Barcelona or stayed in any of the Las Vegas hotels? What do they have in common? The number of pigeons that around the area.

Our Pigeon Rescue Center supports these free-flying birds that are well taken care of by people, both tourists and locals. And we also back up the management and control of these birds going in and out of the cities in order to ensure the safety of both the birds and the people in the neighborhood. But these are not the kinds of birds that the Pigeon Rescue Center prioritizes.

What types of birds do we care for?

Our pigeon rescue center focuses on domestic and unreleasable birds. A bird is domestic and unreleasable when it has been raised within the care of a person. These birds do not know how to hunt. They cannot feed themselves. Instead, they rely on people to give them food and other nutrients.

Why do they need saving?


A lot of pigeons are being used in races and other business-related activities. The problem lies in the way these businesses handle injured and sick birds. Instead of caring for them, most pigeons are killed and euthanized.

Pigeons are animals, too. They need love and care as much as the next mistreated animal. But no government agencies and organizations exist that can provide assistance and help for these gentle living beings. Our Pigeon Rescue Center is created for the purposes of developing programs for the correct handling of pigeons, establishing houses for these birds until they are turned over to someone who can take care of them and treat them as pets.

Who are you gonna call?

If you see pigeons or any types of domesticated birds that are being abused and are not receiving medical treatment, you can contact us through our hotline number or bring these animals directly to our center. We will do our best to restore the health of these birds and find a new home for them.