Fun Facts About Parrots

Their Longevity is Quite Impressive

Birds’ life on earth is quite short. Surprisingly, parrots are exemptions to the norm. They can live as long as 82 years. Mitchell’s Cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri) are notorious for outliving their owners. The amazing longevity of parrots has something to do with their size. The bigger they are, the longer their lifespan is. If you happen to get cheap tickets to Amsterdam and visit bird shops, observe the birds. If there is a tippy parrot who seems to be in a bad mood, most likely, that parrot has been around for at least 12 years. Parrots grow old as humans do and possess the same qualities too.


Parrots Feathers Have Super Antibacterial Powers

Do you wonder why parrots get to maintain their colourful feathers without fail? Even as they grow old, their feathers stay looking awesome just like the old days. Thanks to their feathers’ antibacterial powers called, psittacofulvin. It is a bacteria-resistant pigment that helps parrots keep their que ver en las vegas look, bright and beautiful as ever.

They are Nifty Climbersclaw

Don’t be deceived by their innocent face. They are nifty climbers. In fact, they are qualified to be professional climbers. This is due to their Zygodactyl toes. The arrangement of their toes enables them to be foreboding nut eaters and nifty climbers. Parrots toes are designed for the toughest nuts in the world and for maximum grip. It’s highly advisable that you get a bigger cage where they can move around exercise their grip.

Their Beaks Enable Them To Taste

The roof of their mouth is mainly used for tasting food. The top of their beaks has as much as 300 buds to help them savour and munch their food. Don’t be surprised if your parrot is picky, it’s because of your parrot’s palate. Birds can have a discriminating taste too. These smart species of bird know when the seed is grizzled or fresh. They also know sweet versus sour. So, if you want to keep that good relationship with your parrot, give it a nice meal because it knows all the difference.