What are your hours of operation?

 At this time, we do not have a physical facility since all of the birds are located in private foster homes. We are available to answer any concerns you may have through this website.


What is a parrot rescue?

 A rescue is a volunteer-based organizational movement committed to helping parrots who are being displaced from their original homes. Rescues like our organization take parrots from private owners, animal shelters, or other at-risk environments. However, we are not a dumping ground for breeders who wish to downsize their collection. Nor are we an open admission shelter, which takes in every animal species.


Are there costs involved in adopting from your organization?

Yes. The adoption fees you pay will help us cover the costs we incur in caring for the parrots that are surrendered to us. The adoption fees will depend on the specific bird that you want to adopt.


Do you provide a cage during adoption?

Unfortunately, the cost of the cage is not included in the adoption fees. The expenses we face make it impossible for us to provide one for free for every successful adoption.


What can I expect when I adopt a parrot from you?

 Our ultimate objective is to place a parrot with a home that can offer that bird better care than we already provide him.  We want to be certain that a potential adopter can successfully handle the bird in any type of situation or environment. Adopters are required to complete the following: application form, basic parrot care class, advanced parrot care class, meet and greet with the parrot you are adopting.


I already have previous experience with caring for a parrot. Do I still need to take your class?

 Yes. Advances and development in science and general bird care mean that there might still be some things that you need to know in providing the best kind of care for your pet.