The True Nature of Parrots

There are approximately 350 parrot species, ranging from budgies, cockatiels, and conures, to the larger amazons, macaws, and cockatoos. They can be found in numerous parts of the world, from the rainforests of South America and the islands of the South Pacific and Caribbean, to the deserts and grasslands of Australia and Africa. Parrots, even though they may be bred in captivity, are never truly domesticated animals since they are just a few generations removed from their native habitats. Owning and caring for a parrot may prove to be a challenge to some as they are still wild by nature.

red parrot

Aggression, Territoriality, and Mate Defense

Unlike domestic animals, parrots are very decisive about choosing whom they build strong bonds with. Although you may love your parrot with all your heart, he may not return the same feeling. Parrots can be playful and territorial. They may sometimes see other people, even household members, as intruders and be jealous about them.

With sexual maturity, some parrots may become very aggressive when keeping intruders away from their mate or human, or when they are defending their territory. Because they are often prey animals, birds like parrots are natural suspicious and defensive, especially when they are around strangers or in strange surroundings.

close upScreaming and Social Demands

Wild parrots tend to travel in flocks and be in continuous with the other members of the flock. They use loud calls to communicate with each other. To prevent separation anxiety, which can manifest as behavioral issues in a captive situation, make sure that your parrot gets to have hour of social interaction with human companions and other birds everyday. Always remember that there is no such thing as a silent and independent parrot!

Mess and Sanitation

Parrots can get very messy since in the wild, they tend to drop food, feathers, waste, and other debris to the ground. There is no natural instinct for them to keep their surrounding clean, so they might treat your carpet as the forest ground. Make sure that you keep this in mind since you need to constantly clean after them and it can get frustrating very quickly.